3D World October 2016 Issue 212

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In 3D World #212, we meet some of the leading artists working in games today and offer training to get ahead in the industry. 
Eidos Montreal’s art team behind Deus Ex: Mankind Divided discuss the art direction of their new game, plus Eidos modeller Laura Gallagher shares her geometry modelling advice gained from eight years of creating complex assets for the award-winning Deus Ex series. There’s more key advice in 3D World #212 as Naughty Dog’s Fabio Silver, fresh from creating the incredible VFX in Uncharted 4, reveals how you can create a building explosion in Unreal Engine. There’s more Unreal Engine training as we share advice on creating a detailed real-time environment, and you can follow part one of our tutorial series aimed at mastering Amazon Lumberyard, the new free game engine. 
You can hone your game art skills further with our team of award-winning Substance Designer artists who will share their advice for getting more from the leading industry software. Plus, discover how to master detailed embossing for characters in ZBrush and grasp the fundamentals of physically based rendering in our tutorials section. Our Q&A art team also tackle your CG dilemmas in a series of short tutorials that cover rendering glass in Maxwell Render, creating a splash in Cinema 4D and modelling a game-ready character in ZBrush. 
As with every issue there’s free video training and assets for many of 3D World #212’s tutorials, and this issue we partner with Pluralsight to offer a free, 3-hour video course covering texturing game assets.