3D World November 2019 Issue 252

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Published 11th September

This month we take you on a journey into the wonderful world of social media. Our panel of experts share their insights into how to best promote your work and get the best jobs out there.

Next we take a turn into the world of Westeros, showing you just how those incredible dragons were created, before heading to the Upside Down, to get a grip on the Mindflayer from Stranger Things Season 3. If VFX are your thing then keep reading as we also have the latest instalment of our series, taking behind closed doors at Milk VFX!

If you are looking to learn new skills then we have your back. This issue we teach you how to create sprawling cityscapes in Houdini, rig bendy characters using Maxon's Cinema 4D and bring you the latest from our 3dsMax rigging course.

On top of all of that our expert panel returns for our regular Q and A section, where they help you solve your CG woes, plus Mike returns with another Basics and Bootcamp, teaching you about the tools you fundamental skills you need to succeed.