3D World June 15 Issue 195

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Renowned as the world's best-selling international magazine for 3D artists, boasting a strong line-up of tutorials, this week's 3D World is no exception. 
Take a long look at Nick Gaul’s amazing cover – you can create the render of the cover this issue. Nick will guide you through creating hair and skin, as well as lighting and rendering a lifelike portrait. 
There’s more photorealism skills; on page 102 the Wonder Vision artists explain how they created a complex motorbike render.
If you’re set on breaking into the CG industry then you can read profiles for the best colleges as well as advice from leading art directors on how to impress and land your dream job!
Plus don't miss:
The Embassy VFX: The Vancouver studio creating its own tools
Meet Chappie: Get the lowdown on the feature’s VFX
Rendering Interiors: Fernando Gasperin shows how to develop photo-real scenes for arch-viz
Delicacy and Drama: 3D artist Paul Liaw’s eclectic portfolio
Creating a photo real motorbike: Wonder Vision’s Joseph Thomas explains optimising a CGI pipeline for photo-real renders.
Pearson College London: Discover the programmes designed with and for industry.
How to be a great leader: Executive coach Mickey Rogers shares her top tips for creatives.
Also, get a free 228-page e-book worth £14.99 with this single issue. Learn 3ds Max with this exclusive training book, 3ds Max Essentials, which includes video and resource files to accompany every tutorial.