3D World July 2019 Issue 248

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Published 22nd May 

Master your digital sculpting with our expert advice!

CG covers a wide variety of creative fields and some are more obvious to talk about than others. This issue we take a good look at the incredible CG and visual effects of short form TV projects. Not only that but we explore the more experimental and often playful CG of movie end credit sequences, seeing how they delve into areas that the movies and opening credits can't.

DNEG share their production secrets in our exclusive behind the scenes series!

Elsewhere we finish off our Maya rigging series, giving you all the tools and techniques you need to create versatile and efficient character rigs.

Master your outdoor scene creations with our tutorial on modelling a hilltop house, as well as have your CG questions answered in our regular Q&A section.

If you are thinking about upgrading your sculpting tools then check out our review of the latest version of Zbrush!