3D World July 2018 Issue 235

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Published 16th May

This issue starts off with a feature investigating the visual effects that we don’t see. We are so used to huge blockbuster action extravaganzas that it’s all too easy to focus on them, when there are plenty of other incredible but far less obvious effects out there, from set extensions to pry effects and so much more.

If you are like me then yu probably have a steadily filling hard drive, chock full of scene files and models that you created but that now have no use. Well in this issue we show you ow to use Zbrush to add articulation to your models, allowing you to create possible toys, so follow along and give some old creations a new lease of life.Our training continues with a fantastic piece on minuteure digital cinematography, as well as an environmental scene creation lesson and then a great tutorial on setting up vehicle animations with iClone.As always we have out Q and A experts in to answer your CG problems, along with a selection of more in-depth training.

Then, in our reviews section, we investigate the latest tools to let you know what is worth investing in, so you can make the most of your time and money. This issue we look at the latest versions of Substance Designer and Zbrush.