Manga Artist Vol. 4

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This volume is packed with workshops, follow along on your own computer recreating the amazing artwork with the help of our videos. There’s also features and interviews, sketchbooks and galleries galore, all to get you fired up to start making your own manga art.

Everything you need to know to paint manga

Ross Tran
- The YouTuber talks life-changing artwork

- The renowned artist blends genres in his newest piece

- Over 70 pages of tutorials for you to follow

- Our favourite artists from over the world show us their art

- Also inside...
- Astro Boy
- Anime Now!
- Olga Andriyenko
- Patxi Peláez
- Riot Games
- 2Minds
- Collateral Damage
- Paint a manga figure on the go
- Give your art a feel of light and romance
- Draw a striking female warrior!
- Create a 3D anime style character
- Generate volume and depth easily
- Create innovative mech designs
- Experiment with line and colour
- Sharpen your card art skills
- Simply paint a Grimm fairy tale
- Create manga with a twist
- Paint a heroine from Fallout 4