ImagineFX Annual

ImagineFX Annual
Includes Shipping
ImagineFX Annual
Includes Shipping
ImagineFX Annual
Includes Shipping
ImagineFX Annual
Includes Shipping
Published 14th September 2017

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A compilation of the very best content from ImagineFX magazine over the past year, this bookazine is packed with fantastic tutorials to help you master traditional and digital art. Divided into clear sections covering artist portfolios, workshops, sketchbooks and traditional art, we’ll show you how professional artists collaborate on projects and reveal what’s in their sketchbooks, how to paint bright and dynamic figures, create striking paintings and illustrations, and much more. Our extensive Q&A includes expert advice and tips on how to get the most out of your projects. On top of all this, we’ve included some brilliant free resources for you to use in your projects, including brushes and start files that enable you to follow the tutorials in the bookazine. 

- Scott Gustafson
- JC Park 
- Even Mehl Amundsen
- Peter de Sève
- Dawn Carlos
- Tom Fowler
- Genzoman
- Stephan Martinière
- Cosmin Podar

- Paint a bright & dynamic figure
- Bring fantasy portraits to life
- Capture the look of Blade Runner
- Develop a strong lighting scheme
- Creating a dragon knight
- Using brushes in Rebelle
- Paint iconic Ghost in the Shell art
- Create a scene in Black Ink

- FXPosé Traditional
- Get inspired by del Toro
- Mix story elements on a book cover
- Getting started with oils
- Pencil and watercolour art