3D Art & Design Annual (Vol. 3)

3D Art & Design Annual (Vol. 3)
Includes Shipping
3D Art & Design Annual (Vol. 3)
Includes Shipping
3D Art & Design Annual (Vol. 3)
Includes Shipping
3D Art & Design Annual (Vol. 3)
Includes Shipping
Published 12th October 2017

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Whether you’re a professional working in the industry, a student or enthusiast, or just interested in the limitless possibilities that computer graphics present, The 3D Art & Design Annual – brought to you by the team behind 3D Artist magazine – is packed full of expert tutorials for you to absorb, written by some of the greatest artists in the field and covering every aspect of the 3D production pipeline from concept to the final render. Master new skills or develop and refine existing ones.

Inside you'll find:

- 100 influential artists share essential tips and techniques
- Construct a game-ready battle mech
- Sculpt giant monsters with ZBrush
- Master hair and fur in ZBrush
- Improve interior arch vis
- Ultimate texturing workshop
- Model and texture assets
- Texture stylised hero characters in substance painter
- Build post-apocalytic textures for games
- Enhance shaders in Blender
- Create a VR experience with Sketchfab
- Create VR content using iClone and Unity
- Create a realistic tiger beetle for real-time rendering in unreal
- Rig, twist and sketch dynamic characters
- Rapid character rigging
- Create a character with blender 2.78
- Set up a quadruped rig in Maya
- Light a cinematic scene in unreal lighting
- Lighting noir-style vehicle renders
- Pro lighting and rendering with Arnold in Maya
- Add realistic for to a scene
- Master texturing and compositing in Keyshot
- Composite a game cinematic

If that isn't enough we've also provided over 10GB of free assets to download!