3D Make & Print (9th Edition)

3D Make & Print (9th Edition)
Includes Shipping
3D Make & Print (9th Edition)
Includes Shipping
3D Make & Print (9th Edition)
Includes Shipping
3D Make & Print (9th Edition)
Includes Shipping
Published 7th March 2019

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3D Make & Print is a comprehensive, inspiring manual for one of the most exciting fields of modern technology – 3D printing. With this stunning new publication from the makers of 3D Artist, you'll learn how to pick and prepare a new 3D printer, how to use and maintain it, and how to create your own 3D models that are perfect for printing. You'll make models with moving parts, realistic replicas of film and game props, you'll master the best finishing techniques for your prints and learn all about the kinds of filaments you can print with. Not only that, you'll also get a free library of ready-made prints with this publication so you can start printing today!

Get Started With 3D Printing
– Everything you need to know about modelling and printing in 3D

Life-saving 3D prints
– Discover how 3D printing is helping the medical industry

Make a Troll slayer sword
– Look like a badass at the next con you go to!

3D-Print From Scanned Photos
– Make lifelike models and print out real people

Also inside... 
– 100 free models
– Gallery of 3D prints
– 12 Ways 3D printing change the world
– Get started with 3D printing
– Create your own iPhone case
– Design an articulated model
– Build a laser blaster prop
– Print a multi-use dragon bowl
– Sculpt a mecha-style rhino
– Add style to your finished prints
– Construct a wearable sci-fi mask
– Model a Troll Slayer sword
– From scan to print, part 1: lifelike scans
– From scan to print, part 2: prepare to print
– Siert Wijnia: the ultimate maker
– The revolution will be printed
– How 3D printing will save your life
– Best 3D printers tested
– Modelling software round-up

Free with this bookazine...
100 Amazing, ready-to-print 3D models, resource packs for every tutorial (including 3D models), open-source modelling software Blender

Page Count: 148