The Ultimate Guide to Web Design 2014

Everything you need to know about web design for 2014!
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In this all-new edition of The Ultimate Guide to Web Design, we bring you the essential design and development knowledge you need to create amazing websites. Whether you want to further your HTML5 skills, create stunning CSS animations or deliver responsive sites that work across multiple
devices, there’s something here for you.

In the 180-page guide you have in your hands, you’ll discover a wealth of tutorials, tips and techniques from some of the world’s leading web design and development experts. In the first chapter we look at design and dev essentials, before moving on to detailed chapters on HTML5, CSS, responsive design, JavaScript and SEO. Whatever you want to do on the web, we’ve got it covered…

Features include:

  • Avoid the top 10 CSS mistakes
  • Web essentials
  • SEO
  • Javascript, responsive design and more!