Teach Yourself Photoshop

Everything you need to know about teaching yourself Photoshop!
Teach Yourself Photoshop

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Taking the picture is only the beginning of the photography process. However powerful your camera, and however much experience you have, your images will always benefit from at least some editing. There are many applications dedicated to photo processing, and the best one on the market by a country mile is Photoshop CC. Of course, not everyone can afford the subscription cost of Adobe’s premier package, so the vast majority of the tutorials in this book work just as well in Photoshop CS and even Photoshop Elements.
Features include:
  • 11 chapters to take you through every aspect of editing photos with Photoshop.
  • Essential tools for editing.
  • Creativity with layers and more!

Published: May 2014
Dimensions: 300 x 232mm
Pages: 224