Computer Arts Studio Training: InDesign

Professional tutorials to get you inspired with InDesign.
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We bring you the third edition of Computer Arts Studio Training series. This issue we focus completely on InDesign – Adobe’s hugely powerful page layout and design tool. Whether you’re a seasoned print designer, or junior looking to master InDesign’s toolset, there’s something here for you. 
InDesign is so broad, yet, when you know the basics. But in this special we go way beyond the basics, bringing you a plethora of workshops, tips and invaluable techniques that will speed up your page layout skills and inspire you to use InDesign in new, exciting ways!
Features include:
  • InDesign fundamentals.
  • Get creative with our helpful tutorials.
  • Improve your workflow and more. 

Published:  April 2014
Dimensions: 300mm x 222mm
Pages: 96