CSS Design Essentials

How to create better websites with CSS – including hands-on tutorials, plus disc with 30 great website templates.
CSS Design Essentials

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How to create better websites with CSS – including hands-on tutorials from leading experts, plus disc inside with apps and 30 great website templates.

Calling all web designers! The time couldn’t be more exciting to create beautiful standards based websites, and CSS Design Essentials shows you how to get the most out of CSS. The guide contains features written by some of the leading experts in web design, covering everything from new CSS3 properties to adapting designs for multiple screen sizes.

This continues with an awe-inspiring showcase of the best sites built with CSS and related technologies plus interviews with some of the most respected designers and agencies in the industry.

CSS Design Essentials is jam-packed with hands-on projects (there’s a special focus on how to enhance your sites with CSS3 while providing fallbacks for older browsers).

Plus there’s your exclusive CD and details of the software, templates and tutorial files it includes.

On your Essential CSS CD

  • AllWebMenus Pro SE
  • FlySpeed SQL Query 2.7.6
  • Inspyder Sitemap
  • Creator 3 SE
  • LightPad 4.6.162
  • Style Master 4
  • Mediaroots training
  • Allwebco templates
  • WeBuilder 9