The Design Career Handbook

Make your mark in the design industry
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It’s tough to be a designer in 2013: budgets are tighter, studios are smaller and the job market more competitive than ever before. Meanwhile the digital landscape is transforming any ‘traditional’ career path almost beyond recognition.
So how can you get ahead? Are there any tricks for landing your dream design job or working on bigger projects? What can you do to ensure you get credit for your ideas? And are there any secrets for negotiating a better salary?  
Whether you’re just starting out, climbing the career ladder or looking to switch creative disciplines entirely, this special issue from the makers of Computer Arts brings you all the expert advice, tips and guidance you need to get your next big break and carve a successful career in design.
Chapters include:
  • Kick-start your career 
  • Land your dream job 
  • Studio survival 
  • Climb the career ladder 
  • Earn more money 
  • Changing direction 
  • Essential resources 


Published: August 2013
Dimensions: 300 x 222 mm
Pages: 98