Kindle - Unlock the Full Potential

The Hidden Manual For all Amazon Kindles
Kindle - Unlock the Full Potential

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Your Kindle is a truly awesome device. It’s a compact reading library, using screen technology which just a few years ago would have been considered some kind of black magic.  Or perhaps your Kindle is an all-singing, all-dancing tablet, with computing power – and screen resolution – far in excess of many full-featured home computers

Whichever end of the Kindle spectrum you fall into,  I think you deserve to get the best from your device,  whether it’s filling it with the best content or freeing yourself from Amazon’s chains.

Feature's include:

  • The Kindle Family
  • Essential Information
  • Apps,Games & Books
  • Do more with your Kindle

Published: January 2014

Pages: 144

Dimensions: 297 x 210mm