MacFormat Xmas 13

75 awesome hidden tricks from OS X!
MacFormat Xmas 13

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In MacFormat Xmas Issue 268:

The joys of using a Mac can often be realised in the little things, so we’ve ransacked Mavericks over the course of the months we’ve been using it to bring you tons of awesome hidden features – 75, in fact! We also take a look at iWork in iCloud; yes, it’s great that it’s free, but have we paid too high a price for it? There’s also a great range of kit and software reviews, including our expert verdicts on the iPad Air and both the 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro. And with one eye on the ever-looming Christmas, we test six sets of serious on-ear headphones as well as all the add-on essential kit for iPhone photography. It’s a cracker of an issue!