MacFormat May 2019 Issue 338

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Published 9th April

With the days getting longer and the weather improving, you’ve got much more opportunity to take great photos with your iPhone. Even equipped with an amazing camera, you’ll often want to tinker with composition and colour after you’ve taken shots.

Our guide will help develop your editing skills in Apple Photos and Affinity Photo. We’ll explain what happens when you drag the former’s Brilliance slider, for example, and which of the latter’s tools to focus on to make advanced creative improvements.

You’ll also discover essential hardware add-ons to improve snapping pictures in the first place, and gain inspiration for showing off your growing skills.

When you set down your camera, put your feet up with our look at what goes into making your Mac, iPhone and AirPods.

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All that, plus much more of our regular smorgasbord of tutorials, reviews and the latest Apple news.