MacFormat July 2019 Issue 340

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Published 4th June

Ever more devices in our homes need to get online, so ensuring your network is in tip-top shape is vital if you want to stay entertained, informed and in control. So, this issue is something of a networking special – in two senses of the word.

First, the cover feature is packed with practical advice that’ll help you pinpoint lingering issues, shore up security and enjoy online conveniences. Don’t miss this guide to improving your invaluable home network.

Second, simply interacting with the internet means exercising caution. Whether you’re browsing the web or simply reading emails, we’ll raise your awareness of how nefarious characters try to trick you, so you can avoid making a bad move that compromises your security.

Also in this issue:
  • Manage your iCloud storage from your Mac.
  • iPad buyer’s guide: pick the right Apple tablet for you!
  • Group test: 6 apps battle to be your iPhone email manager.
  • A round-up of rugged accessories to take your tech outdoors.
  • Make sure you’re not still spending on old and unwanted in-app subscriptions.

All that, plus our latest selection of tutorials, reviews and the latest Apple news.