MacFormat February 2019 Issue 335

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Published 15th January

Get up to speed with our massive collection of time-saving techniques for your Mac, iPhone and iPad. Our collection of 135 Genius Tips is good for newcomers and experienced hands alike, covering everything from hidden shortcuts to clever customisations that help you get even greater value from your Apple kit.

This issue is also an opportunity to reflect on the ways digital tech has changed our world. Find out why global navigation got easier, reminisce over tech that kept us in touch long before social media, remember the publishing platforms that have empowered us all; and much more.

Also in this issue:

• A showdown of six photo-editing Mac apps.
• Declutter your Mac’s menu bar.
• Note-taking and look-up tips for iPhone and iPad.
• Energy-efficient add-ons for your smart home.
• Get fit in 2019 with Apple Watch.