MacFormat December 2018 Issue 333

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Published 20th November

Unless you’re super-organised at all times, it’s pretty much inevitable that your Mac and iOS devices will become crammed with files and folders. Tidying up can feel like a chore, so read our latest cover feature to discover tried and trusted techniques for clearing out the clutter and ensuring you don’t run up against a showstopping lack of storage. 

9 December marks a very special 50th anniversary in the technology world. In this issue’s second feature, read about the mother of all demos that led to the computer that changed everything. (Yes, we mean the Mac.)

Also in this issue:

• Find out our verdict on the iPhone XR.
• Get more from Stacks, new in macOS Mojave.
• Make sure your gadget use is healthy with iOS 12.
• Group test: Printer/scanner combos under £230.
• How to choose the right smart home assistant.