MacFormat April 2019 Issue 337

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Published 12th March 

Apple makes it super-easy to back up your Mac. Plug in a drive and you’ll be asked whether to use it for that purpose. But a local backup that you have to remember to connect isn’t all you need – and in this age where portable Macs are so popular, do you even remember to attach your backup drive as often as you should?

Bear in mind that your data in iCloud doesn’t count – damage in one place syncs to all your devices. But, there are other measures you can and should put in place to ensure full protection for your invaluable files. In this issue, we’ll help you brush up on your backup know-how so your irreplaceable data is comprehensively covered.

Still weighing up which iPhone is right for you? With seven forms to pick from, perhaps you’re still unsure about physical size, confused about camera spec differences, or not sure whether you should skip the XR for its omission of 3D Touch. Our ultimate iPhone buyer’s guide gets into the nitty-gritty attributes to help you pick your perfect iPhone.

Also in this issue:
  • Reviewed: an affordable and speedy powerline and mesh Wi-Fi network adapter.
  • Secure your Wi-Fi and protect your home network from intrusion.
  • Master iOS’s long press gesture with a selection of helpful but hard-to-discover shortcuts.
  • Group test: which super smartwatch is the best fit for your needs?
  • Check out new Apple HomeKit add-ons for 2019.

All that, plus much more of our regular smorgasbord of tutorials, reviews and the latest Apple news.