Linux Format XMAS 13

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Linux Format XMAS 13

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In Linux Format Xmas Issue 178:

The good folk of the internet pledged over $12,000,000 to help Ubunt build its whizzy untraphone. It didn't succeed, but this goes to show that there's gold in them thar internets, and you can harness it to get your dreams off the ground. Whether you're writing a game, building a better email client, fixing bugs or manufacturing the latest console to blow our tiny minds with awesome Linux games. In the rest of the magazine we talk to the astonishing Robert Lefkowitz, who blows our tiny minds with his amazing ability to link modern computer literacy with the Carolingian Renaissance, build awesome, content-rich websites with Drupal (the easy way – naturally), and look on with envy at the gooks who got to go to PyCon 2013. And of course there's the hottest new free software around in the shape of Hotpicks, the definitive round-up of beginner-friendly Linux distros, plus review, tutorials and opinions galore. This is Linux Format!