Linux Format November 2017 Issue 230

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Published 24th October

Stream It 2017 edition! It’s time to turn your home into an open source, multimedia entertainment streaming nirvana. Store your content wherever you like, stream it however you like, to wherever you like, using whatever device you like. And you can still use Amazon, Google or Apple devices because we respect your freedom to choose to do so. From playing music and films to recording and enjoying live TV all on a Linux server box. We take you through setting up the basic media server, tweaking your library, to streaming media to different device including the Raspberry Pi, plus cover watching and recording live TV.

We follow one engineer’s journey on bringing Linux to his workplace, there’s an in-depth look at how reproducible builds are securing our software, we build a RFID security door, scan and map our neighbourhood for WiFi hotspots, take control of our processor cores, create some 360 degree VR-style video, master our email, learn Kotlin, play with the WWII Purple encryption system, build Android apps and more!