Linux Format May 14 Issue 183

The best Linux distros go head-to-head so you get the perfect desktop for your PC.
Linux Format May 14 Issue 183

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In Linux Format May Issue 183
The freedom to choose is a key pillar of the open source world, and our main feature this issue celebrates that choice by looking at the big fi ve distros: Ubuntu,Mint, Fedora, Mageia and OpenSUSE. We are pitting them against each other and highlighting their pros and cons so you can find out which one is the best for you. They’re all stand-out distros in their own ways, but what makes one the right choice for your desktop, server or laptop? We know that you will have your own opinions, and our scope isn’t limited to just those five distros, so we take a look at the hardcore and lightweight options as well – at Linux Format, we’re always excited at the host of choices on offer!
Something that’s not quite so open – but still rather empowering – is everyone’s favourite diminutive ARM-powered board, the Raspberry Pi. Excitingly, it took a step closer to becoming a fully open platform when Broadcom – manufacturer of the Pi’s SoC – open sourced its GPU stack. This is a first for Broadcom and can only be down to the fantastic work of the Raspberry Pi Foundation. While many parts of the Pi’s Broadcom SoC will remain blobs, this additional open sourcing is another step in the right direction. 
Elsewhere, GPL 3D printer models have the ability to revolutionise manufacturing and we are therefore taking an open source fi rst look at just how you can get involved with 3D printing. 
With tutorials on hardened home servers, the Ghost blogging platform, coding tutorials on HTML5 and JavaScript workflow, this issue we’re touching upon the whole range of benefi ts that the FOSS world has to offer!