Fast Car September 14 - Issue 346

Featuring the sexiest topless models in the world & we're not talking about the girls! We drop our tops for the convertible special
Fast Car September 14 - Issue 346

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In Fast Car September Issue 346
We don’t want to jinx it but, we’re having a cracking summer and best of all, there’s still a couple of months of sunshine left! Without doubt, the very best way to experience this beautiful weather isn’t by sitting on the beach getting sand in your crack, but by driving a drop-top, and that’s exactly why we’ve featured three of the best convertibles on the show scene at the moment. 
Taking the main cover spot is a gorgeous topless model with one of the best bums in the business, we are of course talking about Geoff Skinner’s stunning Porsche Boxster (and not Daisy Watts, although she’s equally stunning), sitting on RH Alurad Turbo P 3-piece split rims and decked on air-ride. Then we’ve popped over to Ireland to feature the world’s lowest BMW Z4, we know it’s the lowest because it couldn’t get any lower, with the hydros on full drop this thing sits on the floor! And last but not least, is Sara Choii’s rare S2000 CR, this one has a fine arse too (see page 38).
And of course, if convertibles just aren’t your thing, there are plenty of other fine features to get your teeth into. Including one of our favourite EK9s ever, a tasty Polo, and a truly stunning VIP-styled Crown Athlete from Japan. We’ve got all serious about suspension and sound deadening with this month’s technical guides, and Midge has been busy shining-up rubber with this issue’s Big Test.