Fast Car June 14 - Issue 343

We look at the world's craziest cars!
Fast Car June 14 - Issue 343

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In Fast Car June 14 Issue 343:
We explore the craziest cars from the world's craziest car culture country – Japan. Taking centre stage is Shinichi Morohoshi's chrome pink, neon-lit Lamborghini Diablo. The only thing more bonkers than this car, is the man driving it.

Sharing the cover is the most talked about Nissan in Japan, the Bad Quality 180sx! It might be Bad Quality by name but it's certainly not by nature, with a Rocket Bunny aero kit, Bride seats, custom made 3-piece rims and 350bhp you really need to check out this Hiroshima styled motor! Other insane cars include a Krazy Kei drift truck, Liberty Walk's Kenmeri Skyline, a bagged Datsun pick-up and a British-built, Boso-styled Nissan Sunny, yes a Sunny. This thing really does need to be seen to believed!

We bring you all the best motors and action from the UK's premier VAG show, Ultimate Dubs, and take a trip to Scotland for the annual Crail Raceway thrash!

There's also our comprehensive guide to aero, so whether you're looking to give your car a bit of street styling or awesome aerodynamics, you don't want to miss this full-on feature. Not only that but we test a headlight restoration kit and bring you all the best products from around the globe!