Wonders of the World

148 pages of mind blowing facts about the world
Wonders of the World

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It's an amazing planet, uncover the secrets of tornadoes, Easter Island, ultra deadly animals, Machu Picchu, human intelligence, nanotechnology and more.
Welcome to your 148 page guide to the marvels of planet Earth.
In this guide we've gathered over 50 astounding examples of why we believe there are more than 7 wonders of the world.
Discover the fascinating facts behind engineering marvels such as the International Space Station, miracles of the natural world including swarms and deep sea vents and humanities greatest achievements like money and language.
Contents Include:
  • Engineering
  • Natural world
  • Human Achievement
  • Our planet
  • Plus much more!

Published: October 2013
Pages: 148
Dimensions: 232 x 300 mm