Craft Beer : The 100 Best Breweries In The World

Our guide to the best Craft Breweries in the world!
Craft Beer  : The 100 Best Breweries In The World

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What does the word brewery conjure in your mind? An old, traditional building with cavernous rooms full of creaking oak barrels and heavy copper pipes? Perhaps you imagine a bright, crisp industrial unit full of towering tanks and shining chrome control dials? Or maybe something else entirely? The modern craft beer scene is diverse and exciting.

The breweries in this bookazine, as well as being the best in the world, are hugely different to each other. Some have been around for hundreds of years while others have only recently started up. Whether it’s making traditional beer styles, or reinterpreting existing beers in whole new ways, these brewers have each made their mark by crafting exceptional, iconic and delicious beers. Our guide does more than just go around the brewhouses, showing you the best beers, pubs and beer festivals in some of the most famous brewing countries - it also takes you to some of the most exotic, unusual and newest breweries in other countries too. Come and see how incredible beer is made...


Published: March 2014

Dimensions: 232mm x 300mm

Pages:  168