Android Download Instructions

IMPORTANT: subscriber authentication cannot be complete via a desktop or laptop computer. You will need to be using your android device.

1. Open the Google News App on your device

If it’s not already installed on your android device, download the free Google News App. Search for the relevant magazine title eg. ‘Total Film’. Please note that Practical Photoshop, Photography Week, Homebuilding and Renovating, Period Living, Real Homes, Guitar World, Guitar Player, Bass Player, Bass Guitar, Clay Shooting, Bow International, Sporting Rifle and Airgun Shooter are not available on Android.

2. Authenticate your subscriber details

Once you've found the magazine, either tap the ‘Subscribe’ button and select ‘Current subscribers’ from the options presented, or tap the ‘Already a subscriber? Activate your account’ link immediately below that. You will then need to select ‘Continue’ in either case. After selecting ‘Continue’, you will be asked to enter your email address and password. Please enter your MyFavouriteMagazines account credentials set-up during your purchase. If you have forgotten these, click here.

Reading the Magazine

Once you have successfully authenticated your subscription, you will be presented with two options. Under ‘Current issue’ you’ll find the latest issue available to you. Navigating to ‘All issues’ will enable you to browse through all of the issues available to you as part of your subscription or purchase any available back issues. Please note that all issues must be downloaded on your Android device whilst they are on sale. You'll be able to read the magazine on-line, while connected to WI-FI. If you would like to read off-line (without an internet connection), you will need to download the issue to your device. You can do this by tapping the options button in the top right, after selecting an issue, and selecting the ‘Download’ option.