All About Space Issue 84

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Published 8th November

Does the universe have a final dimension? Go beyond the dimensions of space and time with the astrophysicists who believe that we could be living in a cosmos of five, ten or even over 20 dimensions in the brand new issue of All About Space.

Also inside, we reveal how you can still observe the night sky and indulge in your hobby of astronomy even when it’s cloudy, reveal why water worlds why not be the best places to look for life and uncover the missions that didn’t make it to the launch pad. What’s more, All About Space discovers whether misfit galaxies could help us to work out dark matter’s mysteries and go behind the scenes of National Geographic’s Mars, season 2 in Budapest. 

That’s not all – we’re also offering you the chance to win a Celestron telescope worth £699 and reveal the must-have observing kit – whatever your budget!