All About Space Issue 79

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Published 21st June

In All About Space's special tribute issue, friends, colleagues and family remember the late physicist Professor Stephen Hawking. Told in the voices of the scientists and individuals who were closest to him, discover more about his life and the theories that went unpublished before his death on 14 March 2018.

Also this month, All About Space uncovers why the hunt is well and truly on for life on Venus, as research suggests that the superheated world, enveloped in clouds of acid rain, could be our best chance of finding life forms elsewhere in the Solar System. We also reveal whether Jupiter is really protecting us from comets and asteroids and present part 2 of ESA and NASA’s most dangerous missions.

This is issue, you can also get stuck into our selection of DIY projects – from building a Saturn V model to making your very own telescope, there’s plenty to keep you occupied this summer.