All About Space Issue 77

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Published 26th April

Are we alone in the Solar System? All About Space reveals the NASA-led research with the surprising answer as we go on a search for life beyond the confines of Earth. Meet the researchers with the hard-hitting evidence that could reveal if we’re really the only living species in our solar neighbourhood.

Also this month, we get ready for the launch of NASA’s next mission to Mars: InSight; a lander that’s designed to uncover more about the Red Planet’s interior. This issue, the mission scientists uncover what they hope to garner from the spacecraft and how it fits into our understanding of how the inner planets are made. Will we find out what happened when our planet, Mercury, Venus and Mars were cobbled together?

Go on a hunt for the quark star, the weird and wacky stellar object that might be regarded as ‘impossible’ but could very well exist, read our report on how we’re tackling climate change from space and find out how you can make a discovery without leaving home – according to our featured backyard astronomers.