All About Space Issue 76

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Published 29th March 

They say nothing can escape a black hole, but according to recent research, they could be oozing information into parallel universes; another space-time that could exist next to our own. This issue, meet the astrophysicists who have solved the greatest paradox of all time.

If you’ve ever wondered where time comes from, then look no further – this month, we meet the researchers uncovering if this component of space-time is an illusion before revealing why our Solar System is the weirdest planetary system in the entire universe. Will we ever find a place like it? We reveal all this month.

Elsewhere, physicist Michio Kaku drops by for his take on the complex universe, provides you with the ultimate guide to string theory, discusses the hunt for life and gives his take on the launch of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy. How will it revolutionise our plans to colonise the Solar System?

From our ultimate guide to spotting a fake space photo to the latest groundbreaking space news, there’s plenty to get stuck into this issue.