All About History Issue 86

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Published 3rd January

In January 1945 Adolf Hitler continued to believe that the war could be won. Cut off from the outside world in his Führerbunker he would not give up on the idea that the Red Army advancing from the East could be turned back. As he plotted, Berlin crumbled overhead and eventually the reality set in, but even then he refused to concede defeat. In All About History 86 we venture into that bunker to learn about those dark final, horrific days.


• Charlotte Corday: Aristocrat turned assassin
• The women who made Prohibition
• The history of Werewolves
• Bettany Hughes on the origins and legacy of Venus and Aphrodite
• Medieval cures for all your maladies
• All about beer
• What if Mexico had defeated the United States?
• Crusaders under siege at the Battle of Antioch
• And so much more