All About History Issue 83

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Published 10th October

Heretic or hero? Saviour or charlatan? There are so many questions around the legend of Joan of Arc, but in All About History 83 we look to answer a very simple one; how did a teenager manage to convince the rich and powerful of France to believe in her quest? We welcome Pamela Toler to get to the roots of this question and chat with Helen Castor about her research into Joan for her fantastic book. Plus:

• What the Romans have done for us
• The real Mr Hyde
• All about the Berlin Wall
• The power of nonviolent protest explored
• Inside the Saatchi gallery’s Tutankhamun exhibit
• Japan’s culture shock of 1853
• Pull-out poster and free eBook inside
• How the Battle of Inchon changed the Korean War
• And so much more