All About History Issue 75

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Published 28th February 

There’s so much more to the Catherine of Aragon story than most know. More than just Henry VIII’s first wife and the subject of the ‘Great Matter’, Catherine was a much-loved queen who lead the defence of England against Scottish rebellion while Henry was off seeking glory in France, she was the first female ambassador in European history, and she overcame incredible odds to claim the English throne that she had been promised since childhood. It’s an incredible story and one we’re delighted to bring to you in All About History 75.

Plus in this issue:
• A United States Of Europe?
• The Real Story Behind The Favourite
• World War II’s Weirdest Inventions
• The Secret Presidency of Edith Wilson
• Van Gogh In His Own Words
• All about the Ottoman Empire
• The Evolution Of The Written Word
• And so much more