All About History Issue 66

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Published 21st June 

Stalin: Making the Man of Steel
Discover how the tyrant ruled the Soviet Union through terror tactics and powerful propaganda

Hampton Court Palace: Fit for a King
From Henry VIII’s love nest to Charles II’s gilded cage, explore 500 years of the royal palace’s history

Face to Face with Frida Kahlo
Enduring a life of physical and emotional pain, discover how the artist reinvented herself through her surreal portraits

Founding Fathers of Civil Rights
Though their views frequently clashed, WEB Du Bois and Marcus Garvey pioneered the Civil Rights at the dawn of the 20th Century

Bare-knuckle Boxing Exposed
No-holds-barred look at the Victorian fight club that attracted crowds of thousands - including kings and prime ministers - even after it was outlawed

10 Islamic Golden Age Icons
Medieval Muslim minds who revolutionised medicine, mathematics and more

Caligula: Mad, Bad and Misunderstood?
Why the Roman emperor deserves a second chance

All About… Crime and Punishment
Featuring Viking trial by combat, real-life crime fighters, prison ships and more