All About History Issue 65

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Published 24th May 

England’s Bloodiest Witch Hunt
300 victims in a land gripped by terror… Go on the trail of the Witchfinder General and discover how he stirred up suspicion and led England’s bloodiest witch hunt.

Win a Hampton Court Palace mini-break
Enjoy fun for all the family exploring this 500-year-old palace and a London stay by winning our competition.

A-Z of Antiquity
From the Library of Alexandria to the mighty Queen Zenobia, the oracle of Delphi to Tyrian purple, explore the ancient world’s overlooked icons.

Windrush Revolution
Meet the first wave of Caribbean immigrants who crossed the Atlantic and overcame prejudice to help rebuild and reshape war-torn Britain.

10 steps to win a joust
From choosing your opponent to where to aim your lances, real-life secrets to the medieval tournament revealed.

Ada Lovelace: Tech visionary
How Lord Byron’s daughter pioneered the Computer Age – while fighting her own dark demons.

Plus: Russia takes on the Teutonic Knights in the Battle on the Ice, Garibaldi’s Italian insurgency, how photography has developed down the years and what if the Beatles never formed?