All About History Issue 64

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Published 26th April

Napoleon’s Last Stand
From his daring prison break to showdown with Wellington, explore Napoleon’s final 100 days in power. Historian Charles J. Esdaile reveals how the exiled emperor convinced France to take him back and where he went wrong at Waterloo.

Pirates of the Barbary Coast
Explore the notorious den of pirates that terrorised the high seas raiding ships and taking slaves

Galileo vs the Church
In the ultimate clash between science and religion, discover how the Renaissance astronomer proved the Earth circles the Sun

10 Rejected Princesses
The creator of the hit blog-turned-book reveals women too awesome, awful or offbeat for a Disney movie

The Lost City of Benin
Why did the once-mighty Medieval African capital disappear?

Royal Wedding Bloodbath
How an anarchist assassin targeted Spain’s royal family

Death Railway Greatest Escape
The WWII soldier who dodged death in Dunkirk, Singapore and Burma