PhotoPlus July 14 - Issue 89

Canon Raw Secrets for your best-ever images
PhotoPlus July 14 - Issue 89

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In PhotoPlus July Issue 89
Learn the benefits of shooting and editing in Raw to create your best-ever images, and discover how you can edit Raw images in-camera via your EOS D-SLR’s menu. 
Also inside, our Apprentice learns how to take breathtaking motorsports action shots on a track day with a great Canon pro. Top travel photography tips, from camera setup to the best travel lenses and lightweight tripods tested. 
We also have great D-SLR and Photoshop projects, from photographing farm animals and capturing high-speed sports shots to family profile montages and improving skies in your landscape shots. 
Plus there’s Part 4 of Your New Canon EOS D-SLR Guide, with simple tips and techniques on lenses and focusing.