PhotoPlus April 14 - Issue 85

Master your SLR in 48 hours
PhotoPlus April 14 - Issue 85

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In PhotoPlus April Issue 85
We preview the new EOS 1200D, Canon's best-ever budget D-SLR for beginners. We also help you master your Canon camera and learn all the essentials in just one weekend, our Apprentice learns how to take beautiful boudoir portraits, and we have projects on how to use a polariser, how to take candid portraits, how to create a mono montage, and how to take close-ups of water droplets, complete with free videos. 
In our 8-page guide we explain all you need to know about HDR, from shooting Raw images to using Photoshop, while in Workshop we delve into the in-camera HDR mode. We put the new Sigma 24-105mm against Canon’s 24-105mm L-series lens, test eight great macro lenses, and try five home studio lighting kits.