ImagineFX February 14 - Issue 105

Turning up the glamour stakes with some interviews with current-day pin-up masters, softening your painting style and how to beat the dreaded artist's block
ImagineFX February 14 - Issue 105

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In ImagineFX February Issue 105:
We turn up the glamour stakes this issue and talk to the current-day pin-up masters, including Serge Birault, Daniela Uhlig and Aly Fell, and find out what they’re bringing to the glamorous art genre. 
Indeed, this month’s Q&A section is dedicated to helping you to improve your pin-up art. Our roller-derby cover star is painted by Loopydave – discover how he painted her in his detailed workshop and accompanying video. 
There are also workshops on softening your painting style, improving your Photoshop brush skills, and beating the dreaded artist’s block. 2000 AD artist Kev Crossley explains how he paints a classic fantasy composition using traditional media, while Chris Legaspi presents his technique for accurately depicting foreshortened anatomy.