Fast Car May 14 - Issue 342

Featuring the hottest built not bought rides in the UK, including our very own Stock to Show 350Z project!
Fast Car May 14 - Issue 342

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In Fast Car May Issue 342
In this month’s Fast Car we blow the whole year’s budget on one epic 350Z project and make the transformation from Stock-to-Show in just 7-days (very long days). See the full-on feature along with the build inside.
There’s also a bunch of cool Built-Not-Bought rides including a Mil-Spec Beetle, a fine pair of Vauxhalls, a show-and-go MINI Cooper S, and possibly the finest EK9 ever created. Not to mention the full feature on our very own Cosworth-powered Peugeot 309 racecar.
We bring you all the best motors and action from the Fiji Raceway’s Stance Nation show, plus there’s a massive slab of car culture from Belgium!
We test silicone hoses to exploding point and put together a comprehensive guide to the things that make your car faster – brakes.
So if you’re into your cars, you really need to get into this issue of Fast Car, it’s guaranteed to improve your life by at least 33.3%.