Fast Car November 13

Very important project: The car that will change the UK VIP scene
Fast Car November 13

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In Fast Car November Issue 336:

Instead of bringing you a theme this month we decided on a concept far simpler – to bring you the absolute lot! 

Oh yes, this issue has such a diverse selection of cars, products and events even we're amazed that we actually managed to cram it all in. 
From a 40-grand Aristo, super-plush Scirocco and the whitest BMW you'll ever see to a Hearse with 51000Watts of music power and an 800bhp Ute, there's definitely something for everyone. 
We also visit Japfest2, the Nürburgring and the Red Bull Soapbox Race and even build our own full-on competition car for the Honda Civic Cup. 
If that's not enough we show you how to fit a sweet headunit and speakers in under and hour and showcase some of the very finest new products from all over the world. Enjoy!