The Ultimate Guide to Mario

Our celebration of 30 years of Mario.
The Ultimate Guide to Mario

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Official Nintendo Magazine brings you a special celebration of all things Mario. The iconic plumber has just entered his 33rd year and is on the cusp of conquering the charts anew with the magnificent Mario Kart 8. Worried that, come release day (30 May), you’ll be lost to this world of anti-gravity karts and physics-defying bends, we figured we’d celebrate his career in the calm before the storm.

Mario’s career is unlike any of his gaming peers: he made his name as a bounding saviour of princesses, but has gone on to wield waterspraying backpacks, dominate space, star in a range of hilarious RPGs and prove his might in a range of sporting activities. It’d take several volumes to explain the intricacies of such a life, so we’ve chosen to focus on those games that matter most: his 2D platformers (both old and New), his 3D adventures and his various works of kart. Throughout this special you’ll find thousands of passionate words written by the biggest Mario maniacs on the planet. With any luck you’ll count yourself amongst them by the end.


Published: May 2014

Dimensions: 300 x 232mm

Pages: 148