The Self-Promo Handbook 2014

The guide to self promotion in 2014.
The Self-Promo Handbook 2014

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It’s no secret that the fastest way to promote your services is to deliver outstanding creative, on time, with a good attitude. But whether you’re a freelance designer, studio owner or head of an international creative agency, if you’re looking to win more work or move into new markets, you need to master the fine art of self-promotion.

A side from giving your clients what they want, you’ll need a strong online presence, an arsenal of stunning print promo and a killer campaign. From harnessing the power of word of mouth to developing a digital following and more, this issue will help you elevate your design status and catch the attention of the people who count.

Features include:

  • Going digital.
  • Design killer campaigns.
  • Word of mouth.


Published: February 2014

Dimensions: 300mm x 222mm

Pages:  96