The Ultimate Guide To Recording 2014

From the maker's of Computer Music & Future Music we bring you The Ultimate Guide To Recording 2014!
The Ultimate Guide To Recording 2014

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It’s incredible to think that recording studios that would once have cost many hundreds of thousands of pounds now exist within the homes of mere mortals smart enough to get up to speed with modern technology. So if you’re a singer, songwriter, band member or producer there’s never been a better time for putting together pro-sounding tracks with the minimum expense. However, there are times when a little technical expertise from the pros can help.

That’s why Computer Music and Future Music magazine have put together their combined knowledge and created this guide. Inside you’ll find features to get you started, keep you motivated and get your gear working properly!

Then we’ll take you through the basics of recording instruments (including your voice) and understanding the complex inner workings of today’s digital recording systems. There’s a wealth of guides to advanced techniques such as mid-side recording, understanding harmonics and distortion and using your studios routing and grouping options for maximum effect.

Finally we highlight the classic gear that make today’s studios and sounds. We hope you enjoy it. Good luck with your next session


Published: March 2014

Pages: 160

Dimensions:  297mm x 210mm