The Ultimate Guide to Indie Games

The best indie games available right now!
The Ultimate Guide to Indie Games

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Twenty years ago, games were relatively cheap to make. Then we invented 3D cards and the cost started to inflate rapidly. Developers either went big or went bust, and consequently the industry became more risk-averse. It was a sad time.

Then indie games came along. Fuelled by freely available tools and the community’s passion for new or forgotten ideas, they rejuvinated the medium. Today there are more games to play, satisfying more tastes and price ranges, than ever before. It is the best time.

  • Previews of the best upcoming indie games.

  • Reviews of the indie games you should be playing right now.

  • The top 100 free downloads and much more!


Published: January 2013

Dimensions: 300 x 232mm

Pages: 144