EDGE Annual Volume 3

EDGE Annual Volume 3
Includes Shipping
EDGE Annual Volume 3
Includes Shipping
EDGE Annual Volume 3
Includes Shipping
EDGE Annual Volume 3
Includes Shipping
Published 26th September 2019

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Small Wonder
Created with care for people who love games, Playdate is the console no-one saw coming

New Wave
How a Berlin festival is reshaping conventions and ushering in a new era of avant-garde play

Wonder Lands
Down the rabbit hole with Amanita Design, the irregular indie studio growing at its own pace

Independence Day
For one day a year, for absolutely free, Double Fine throws the best videogame party in town

Playing At Soldiers
As the military targets gameplayers, how well do our skills translate to the battlefield?

Binary Domain
Thirty years after the Wall fell, games are exploring what it means to remember a divided Germany

State Of The Union
Developers discuss the case for unionising the game industry, and how it might affect the art of design

Living Legend
Twenty years on, the people behind EverQuest explain how, and why, the MMO’s crusade continues

Rise Of The Robot
The unexpectedly human story of the robot that’s been taught to speedrun games perfectly

Direct Action
After 27 years in games, comics and books, Rebellion plots its boldest development yet

Fable II, Skullgirls, Hollow Knight, Into The Breach, Dead Cells

The Last Guardian, Dragon Quest IX, Chrono Cross, Halo: Reach

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