Metal Hammer July 2019 Issue 323

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Published 23rd May

1994. Wasn’t it bloody amazing? The year that everything we thought we knew about metal was flipped on its head. Twenty-five years on, we reflect on the albums that changed our beloved scene for the better – Marilyn Manson’s Portrait Of An American Family, Nine Inch Nails’ The Downward Spiral, Therapy?’s Troublegum, Emperor’s In The Nightside Eclipse, Korn’s eponymous debut, Bruce Dickinson’s Balls To Picasso and many more, not least Machine Head’s truly stunning Burn My Eyes. Machine Head grace our cover this issue, and with damn good reason. Twenty-five years on, Burn My Eyes still kicks like an angry mule, and Robb Flynn surprised everyone (probably even himself) when he announced he was reuniting with Logan Mader and Chris Kontos for some Burn My Eyes shows. We seriously cannot wait. But it’s not all reminiscing (as great as it is) – we have both feet planted firmly in the here and now, and bring you interviews with New Years Day, Periphery, Asagraum, Lamb Of God, Max Cavalera, Zeal & Ardor and many more, plus all the latest news and reviews (mmmm, Baroness…). There are also free posters and a Machine Head 25-year anniversary Burn My Eyes patch. Better make room on your battle jacket.